Ohana means Family

In Florida, summer isn’t just June through August. It’s more like March through October, and being close to the ocean means beach walks hunting for shells and shark teeth, lots of sunscreen, and daily surf sessions.  Having grown up in Jacksonville Beach, this was my life, surrounded by family and friends that felt like family, and we always gathered at our local surf break. I didn’t realize it then, but something that was always missing was the after beach snack. Something that would tied you over until dinner, and allow us to linger in that laid back beach feel for a little while longer.

Well, I discovered that perfect oasis the last time I visited Florida.

Located in Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville, Florida, Ohana Hawaiian Shaved Ice is a must when visiting the area. This family owned and operated “surf shack” snack shop doesn’t just stop at shaved ice either. They offer delicious crab cake sandwiches, daily homemade soups and a friendly, laid back atmosphere that is perfect pre-or-post beach day. With warm temperatures year around, I can’t think of a better place to cool off than at Ohana.

The only thing that makes this place even better is that the owners are our “friends that feel like family” and watching their dream of owning a shop come to life is all the more exciting. If you happen to be in Jacksonville and need a great snack (try the crab cakes- you will not be disappointed), make sure to stop in Ohana. And tell Cindy that I said Hi!

Jade Broadus is a spunky girl hailing from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. She’s addicted to traveling and has a strange obsession with maps and globes. A lover of dogs, fashion, fish tacos, marine biology, and college football, she has a broad range of interests. Jade has a strong passion for the film “Love, Actually” and has watched it 176 times. Her interests include singing really loud, impromptu dances, shopping, and dressing up in cute dresses and extravagant hats. She has written for Gadling, AOL Travel, Discover Los Angeles, LACOT, LandLopers, Wedding Nouveau, and The Vacation Gals. She is currently the social media and marketing director for Inside Out Media, a media company that owns TravelMindset.com and iExplore.com.


  • i’m imagining an extremely hot, sweaty ride in the non-airconditioned chinook heading to my dad’s in west palm beach as i make my way on my everyone-i-know tour and stopping at this awesome mom & pop for a tasty shaved ice to cool off! love spotlighting awesome local places jade! :)

    • Reply July 14, 2011


      You should definitely stop here! You will love it!

  • Reply July 14, 2011


    I love Ohana! Cindy and her family are always so nice and you aren’t kidding about those crab cakes. I like them served as a sandwich but my wife gets them on lettuce. Delicious.

    • Reply July 14, 2011


      That’s great, Toby! I have dreams about the crab cakes!!

  • Reply July 14, 2011


    That sounds so perfect! I love beach days and a tasty treat just makes it that much better! Who knows when I’ll be in Florida next but I’d definitely like to try it!

  • Shaved ice sounds great about right now, but I’m Bangkok, and not too sure if I trust the ice here… :)

    • Reply July 15, 2011


      I’m with you- I don’t know if I would trust it either!

  • Reply July 15, 2011


    Why do you have to make me even more homesick than I already am?? This is a place where I could ‘linger’ quite a while and the first picture is just so lovely. Ok, another 4 months to go.

  • I would love this place. 64 flavors? Nice!

  • Other than visiting with family who lives there, Florida just isn’t a special place for me. Miserably hot in the summer, lots of concrete, and fire ants. But this places sounds pretty great. Thanks for sharing your special find!

  • Reply July 15, 2011


    Sounds like my kind of place, I love crab cake sandwiches.

  • Reply July 17, 2011


    Dog shaved ice treats? Wow! What a great episode. Not much shaved ice shops over here in Europe, maybe Cindy wants to expand her business some day?

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