Travel Fashion

Day 21/30: Overlooking the Hollywood Bowl

We are in the last week of the challenge– Woo Hoo! I hope you’ve loved wandering around this great big city just as much as I’ve enjoyed visiting new places and trying new restaurants.  If you haven’t, then you only have a week left! If you have and are going to miss this little feature- check out our weekly Travel your own City guides for a dose of fun city travel that you can play along, too!

Today, Bob and I drive up to Mulholland Drive to the outlook over the Hollywood Bowl. If heard a lot about this look out but I’ve actually never driven up here, which is crazy because it’s so close to my house! And, even though it’s known for seeing The Hollywood Bowl (center right of last picture), I’m pretty sure it’d be hard to hear any of the music from way up here. Still though, I’d love to come back during a show to hear for myself.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been trying to wear all the pieces I packed in my bag. This dress was last worn on Day 5 and knew I wanted to try and wear it again. I felt like this was an easy outfit to throw on, feel comfortable in and still look presentable. (Not that any of the tourist at this look out would have minded sweats, but that’s just me!) Do you have any “throw on” clothes that you pack? Or are you a sweats kind of person?