Staying in a Boutique Hotel

There are many boutique hotels in most major British cities, but for the best boutique hotels London
is the place. If you are travelling abroad, then cities such as Miami, New York, San Francisco and Los
Angeles are the boutique hotel centres in the US, and you will find them all over Europe (some of the
most adventurous boutique hotels are in Budapest) and in parts of Asia.

So what is different about staying in a boutique London hotel compared to staying in a standard
London hotels run by a hotel chain?

If you have experienced travelling around the world on business, or you have spoken to anyone who
has done it for some time, you will know full well that it is nowhere near as glamorous as it sounds.
Jet setting might sound sophisticated and exciting, but the reality of it is very different. Generally
there is very little spare time to explore one’s current location and every hotel room is exactly like
another. You might look around you and forget if you are in New York or Paris, Milan or Berlin. It is
just another hotel room that looks and feels just like the last one you stayed in; comfortable, clean,
warm, and, to an extent, reasonably luxurious, but entirely sterile and ultimately boring.

Enter the boutique hotel and the experience is very different. Every boutique hotel is (or at least
should be) unique and offer a whole different level of customer experience. Naturally you should
expect all the basic comforts you get with a chain hotel, but much more too. In a boutique hotel you
should not feel anonymous, just one of the hundreds or thousands of guests that will pass through
the doors that month; you should feel a little special. There will be original artwork and interior
décor; your room will have individual features not found in any other room; you will be able to select
your room individually and it really will be individual as opposed to being assigned a room number
that will reveal a room identical to any other.

Staying in a boutique hotel is a memorable experience. If you customarily stay in many hotels, you
might be pressed to remember them, but stay in an excellent boutique hotel and you are unlikely to
forget it.

If you stay in hotels only occasionally, that too is a good reason to select a boutique one. They lack
the pomp and circumstance of traditional hotels. You will be treated like a real human being and you
will experience a peaceful and romantic setting that will leave you feeling confident and relaxed.