Traveling while Pregnant: a #32 Week Pregnancy Update

jade and bob lookout mountain

7.5 months on top of Lookout Mountain!

Last time we chatted about the little ole baby, we were 12 weeks along and had just started telling our friends and family. I had been been on 7 trips at that point- with some awesome first trimester morning sickness. By the time I flew to Virginia Beach to meet my mom for a girls weekend getaway story for Travel Mindset, I had flying while pregnant sick down to a science.


Five months!

Five months! in NYC

5.5 months in Malibu

5.5 months in Malibu

6 months!

6 months! in Austin

7 months! (in Mt. Hood)

7 months! (in Mt. Hood)

Fast forward to now, 32 weeks along and only 8 more to go. I’m hoping for 8 more cause let’s be honest… I’m not a huge fan of being pregnant. Super pumped about the baby at the end of the tunnel though- don’t get me wrong. I’ve had dreams of me, Bob and baby going off on adventures, all the cute sunglasses and matching bikinis we’ll wear, Bob teaching her Spanish so she can talk with her niece, showing her all the awesome places we have fallen in love with in hopes that she’ll love them too, and just generally getting to know her personality. Who is she going to resemble? Will she have our same sense of humor? Will she love travel as much as we do?

To not make this post too sentimental, I thought I’d share just a few highlights from this whole journey.

  • The biggest thing overall is just how supportive and amazing Bob has been throughout the entire pregnancy. He has always been caring and thoughtful but this process has really brought it out of him. He is excited and worried (mainly excited), he makes me laugh at all the dumb and sometimes scary parts of pregnancy, he put together all the crazy baby furniture without complaining, he has cleaned up puke like a champ, and is just been exactly the person I’d want to go through this experience with.
  • Morning sickness isn’t just in the morning- it can happen at any time and with my pregnancy it happened throughout the entire thing. It’s an exhaustion and overall body ache that truly sucks. I never felt that 2nd trimester burst of energy- I fully lived by the fake it until you make it idea. This was about the time we created “Adventure Saturdays”, where we’d get up and explore a new to us area of LA or surrounding areas. This really helped just push through feeling awful and was something to look forward to each week.
  • I knew I wasn’t going to be one of those girls who only gained weight in her belly but I’m happy that I didn’t balloon as much as I could have. I miss my old clothes, a LOT, and ready to hit the gym and be as active as I was before.
  • We decided on a name. Pretty much right when we found out we were having a girl we went through one of those baby name books and nothing really jumped out at us. We thought about naming her somewhere we had traveled and then the perfect name hit us. We’re obsessed with it.
  • I miss margaritas. and Champagne. But I haven’t really had any cravings besides that. One day I wanted a calzone but seriously no crazy pairings or pickles or anything.
  • I didn’t think I was really nesting until I realized we bought a new couch, a new entertainment center, a new rug, a daybed for the guest room/office and then starting getting all the baby stuff delivered. We did a deep clean via the Joy of Things (which I highly suggest to help with decluttering) and got rid of tons of crap. The whole space feels much lighter (we switched from all brown stuff to mainly bright whites and grays and blues and I love the change).
  • Our baby shower with our friends is this weekend and I can’t wait. A few friends are coming in from out of town and it will just be so fun to celebrate with everyone together.
  • We attended our baby classes this week and whoa- highly suggest to other mommas. I’m almost tempted to write an entire post on the positives on going to a class, even if you feel totally prepared, because meeting the other parent to bes and talking through each others pregnancies was awesome. Both instructors were super supportive, helpful and made the whole process just seem totally doable. Ever since I’ve even thought about getting pregnant the birth has been this terrifying thing that seemed insurmountable. And I’m not saying its not going to be painful but the birth class really gave us the confidence that we can do this and now I’m actually looking forward to it. Like a lot.
  • Our parents and friends have been so supportive. As if we needed a reminder how awesome our family and friends are, this was it. Everyone has gone above and beyond to make this such an amazing experience.
  • Bob is obsessed with tutus and I maybe have bought a few felt flower crowns. This girl is going to be decked out in awesomeness. I’m not sure what type of parents we’re going to be as far as sharing photos of her (do we create a separate Insta account that is private or just share on our own feeds? how many photos are too many?… those types of things)
  • Every mountain I climbed, sup tour I took, mile I walked, bike tour I attempted, I felt super accomplished. This baby has already done so much!
8 months in St. Augustine!

8 months in St. Augustine!

Okay, that became long fast! I guess I have more I could share, if you care to read about it. I was thinking about writing a few posts on traveling while pregnant and what helped me but if you want to know more personal things, we can share those too.

Anyway- have a great weekend and here’s hoping this little girl is a little early and not late! 🙂