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#30 for 30 Challenge: Part 2

My packing gear!

So, remember two months ago when I participated in a #30×30 Style Challenge? Well, I’m doing it again. But, this time with a twist! I’m packing all my items in a carry-on bag and purse and taking this challenge on the road! You can check out the site daily for my daily outfit!

Here’s how this happened:

I love to travel. (Duh, this is a travel site!)

And, I also love fashion.

The problem with these two things is that they are hard to co-exist. Between all the new luggage fees and trying to pack the bare minimum not to weigh you down,  you can end up with a hodge podge of clothes that don’t really go and you look like a mess. While I can see the benefits of packing light, I also know that with a little planning and careful packing, you can pick a select number of clothes and create stylish and put-together looks with ease.

This month, I decided to join Kendi Everyday and participate in a traveling style challenge with 30 pieces of clothing for 30 days while packing them all into a carry on suitcase.

Here’s what I packed in the carry-on pictured above:

Shoes (in a carrying bag), belts, tights and jewelry

The top section houses my shoes, tights, jewelry and belts. I like to keep my shoes in their own separate bag so the bottoms don’t get on anything else in my bag and keep any weird smells to a minimum!


  • OXFORDS: I packed my oxfords in my big purse- because they are super light weight and I like to have a complete change of clothes and shoes with me… just in case!
  • HEELS: The platforms might be ridiculous to some people, but I love them and know that I’ll regret not having a heel choice in my bag.
  • BOOTS: The boots are both knee high, but are made with super soft and super relaxed materials that can easily be folded over themselves to save space. During our round the world trip, I made two huge mistakes with my shoes choice.  I choose cute flats and sandals that should have been comfortable- but weren’t.  I was either left with huge blisters or wearing sneakers (even with dresses) and hated every picture when I returned home. Both of these boots are not only stylish, but I’ve walked around major cities all day and haven’t been in pain!

Tuck and Roll!

Roll them up!

Believe it or not, I fit 18 items of clothing in my carry-on.  I rolled each item and then, like a jig saw puzzle, fit each piece into the perfect spot! Rolling will seriously space you precious space.  If you’re not rolling your clothes- DO IT NOW! Also, Bob and I packed all our RTW clothes in travel space saver bags and while it doesn’t make it flatten out like a pillow, it definitely saves you space.

  • One important note about space savers: While they do save space, they can weigh a ton.  Make sure to consider that before checking in at the airport or you might get dinged for weight fees!

And, here’s an outline of each item:

3 pants: Colored, Flare and Boot Cut

7 shirts: 1 tank, 1 turtle-neck, 1 short sleeved, 3 button-up, 1 striped

3 Sweaters: 1 Cowl neck, 2 Cardigans

6 Dresses: 2 Silk, 1 Shirt-dress, 1 Maxi, 1 Wrap & 1 Fancy

Outerwear: Blazer and Trench

3 Skirts: Pencil, ruffle and A-line

And, there you have it- Packing tips for the Stylish Traveler! Join me in the challenge or check back to see how I’m doing! I think this challenge is perfect for RTW trippers!