Travel Fashion

Day 27/30: Los Angeles Subway

The L.A. Subway system leaves a lot to be desired. While it does allow you to get from North Hollywood to Downtown and then to Long Beach (mainly north to south), it doesn’t really have the same mileage as other major cities subway systems.  The city has been in “talks” with Beverly Hills for years about allowing a line to run from the east part of the city all the way to the beach, but these talks could go on for years.

With all of that said, Bob and I try to use it whenever possible. One of our favorite bars in is Hollywood- only a ten/ fifteen minute drive but parking is always a hassle and if we take the subway we don’t have to worry about a designated driver. (Double bonus!) And recently, I took a group of my friends who had never experienced the L.A. subway all the way downtown for my birthday. Besides a few strange people (which city doesn’t have weirdos?), it did get us to Union Station all in one piece and left us a story to tell afterwards.

This outfit was my “city” look. I felt half Parisian/ half NYC scene kid, and I like the combo together. Bob said I looked like sailor on top and a model on bottom… so- you win some and loss some!

Have you taken the L.A. subway? Which city do you think has the best?  My pick would be Hong Kong!