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Checking things off the Bucket List: Mud Run

los angeles mud run

A Bucket list might be the best thing ever invented.

los angeles mud run

I hate resolutions – most people don’t stick to them and they are the butt of way too many jokes. But bucket lists? That is something that most everyone can get behind and support. It’s easy to add something to your bucket list and checking things off is fun because they are all things you really, really want to do. In the same way, my 30 before 30 list has become my favorite obsession and I’m thinking about creating a new list with new challenges each year. Even though it’s only been two months, I’m already checking a lot of things off the list. I’ve completed 6 things so far- woo hoo- and this past weekend was a big one.

mud run los angelesThis weekend, my friend Meagan and I ran a Mud Run. And it kicked my butt! It was quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done, with exception of the Australian military training on the last day of the 4320SYD competition. I was using muscles I didn’t even know I had and more accurately, don’t actually have! During the race I just kept thinking, just keep running, just keep running- kind of like Dorrie in Finding Nemo. (I love that movie- don’t you?!) I was gross- my feet were super wet and really heavy (that mud doesn’t help in running faster, let me tell you) and I was sore. I also learned that I’m kind of afraid of heights. We had to climb this ropes course and then swing your body over the top and jump to the ground – like twenty feet in the air – and I was terrified I was going to break something or fall off or kill myself. (My health care plan is okay but I don’t think the Mud Run would have swung for liability charges when you signed up to put yourself in hards way!)  At the end of the race, I was proud of myself and happy that I got to check one more thing off my list. Plus, it was fun. Beyond the sweat, the cuts and bruises and the fact that I couldn’t walk straight for two days, I had a great time!

Here’s a photo from after the race with our medals and free beers!


mud run medal


Do you have a bucket list? What is on it and how much have you checked off?