Cancun, Filming with the Travel Channel, Mexico

Don’t Deface the Ruins, You Jerk!

Don’t deface the ruins!

Last week, while Bob and I were filming at the El Rey Mayan ruins in Cancun, we witnessed some guy carving into the 700 year old monument, “Greog was here.”  (video here)

WHY do people feel the need to do that? I’ve never understood it; Not on the back of bathroom stalls, not on hundred year old ruins.

Too bad the iguanas didn't team up and eat him!

After staring at him with a look of disgust, Bob asked him why he was doing that. He said he wanted his name there for long after he left. Grossed out and annoyed, I tried to jokingly say that the Mayan spirits were going to come after him if he continued, hoping that he’d get the point that we didn’t approve, but he just laughed and said he “didn’t give a shit about the Mayans”.

Okay, I hate this guy even more. If you don’t care about the history and the people then why are you visiting the ruins in the first place. UGH!

I couldn’t take it anymore- as Tom was walking up to film our reaction shots of the large temple, I told him what was happening, he was completely annoyed as well and we told the park security.

What do you think about people defacing artifacts and monuments? Would you speak up and tell the authorities or just leave it be?