Cancun, Filming with the Travel Channel, Mexico

Filming with The Travel Channel: Day Two

 (All this week, I’ll recap our days filming in Cancun with the Travel Channel- FUN!)

Day two started off super early– film crews start filming early, just like some photographers, so they can capture really great lighting and film with less people around.

Our itinerary was completely packed: we needed to film checking into the hotel, reaction shots of the hotel grounds and pool area, ‘talking with reception’ to find out how to use the public bus and ‘learn’ about great deals in the area, we traveled to a more remote, downtown Cancun area where more locals hung out than tourists and where tacos were 3 for 15 pesos (that’s about 1.25 USD).

I put some things in quotes because we had already researched every activity we were going to do before we arrived. But, we still listened. Since the show isn’t scripted, sometimes the people we were talking to would tell us about discounts or free activities that we didn’t know existed; We are always on the hunt for a great deal! (This was how we found out the ruins were free on Sundays!)

Bob and I actually got pretty good (well, good-ish) at our spanish as the trip went on, as we talked with a lot of locals to find the best deals, restaurants and directions around town. (Watch me talk to a bunch of kids in the video below)

Each location had its own shot list. You have the first overall view of the location, first person perspective, detail shots, conversation shots, reactions shots and leaving shots. Just filming checking into the hotel took a long time. Since Bob and I have been on shoots before, this was nothing new, but it was really exciting to be the main talent. (Usually I’ve worked as an Extra, and let me tell you- that is a thankless job!)

The crew was great at taking the right amount of footage and then letting Bob and I explore the area we were in. While we were there to film, we were also mesmerized by the gorgeous three toned water on the beach side of Cancun and ate our weigh in tacos every single chance we could!

Being the Best Travel Hosts we could be:

I tried to dress up a little more than I might on a normal vacation and I wore “camera-ready” make-up even on the beach. Since we were traveling and filming without any make-up or wardrobe crew, I knew I needed to give myself  (and Bob) a once-over before we started filming. I wanted to look the best I could, whenever possible.

Bob and I also tried to take notice of how the other one was doing- if we were talking too fast or tripping over our words, we made sure to tell and help each other. We want to be the best we could be.

After a long day of filming, I know I was meant for this. Hopefully this is the start of shooting travel shows and videos long term. The amount of happiness I am feeling is unlike any other experience- I just can’t stop smiling!

filming the first shot of the day

a small group of kids love the camera