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London: 9 photos of Love (Actually)

Fish and Chips

Some cities just speak to you. Whenever you are there, you feel more alive and yourself and your whole world seems to be complete.  This is how I feel about London.  After studying abroad in 2003, I have this connection with the city, the restaurants, the alleyways, the parks and the people.  I love the traditions and find myself happy whether it’s raining or sunny or wandering around one of the countless museums, standing at a play or eating my favorite fish and chips.

I also first saw Love Actually while in London in a huge theatre in Leicester Square.  The movie has this energy- yes it’s about love and the story- but also about the city.  For some reason, watching this movie while at home in Los Angeles (or where I may be), fills me with happiness I can’t otherwise describe. London is my love city.  Here are 9 photos of Love…

Big Ben peaking out

Westminster Abbey

Traditional Standing Guards

Christmas Time in Covent Garden

“Happy Wedding Day”

St. Paul’s

red phone booths

The Globe

What is your love city? Do you have a movie that takes you there?