Our Atlanta Engagement Party

Christian engagement party

As you are all very well aware, we ate and drank our way through Atlanta last week to meet up with family and friends to celebrate our engagement. We ate Bob’s favorite hot dogs, we took a leisurely stroll by the Chattahooche River, and we partied until the late, late hours (read= 2am) with our friends in Mid-town.

Living in California, we don’t get to see our families and East Coast friends as much as we’d like so this weekend couldn’t have been more special and more fun with all of them around.

And just because I’m still smiling from that weekend, here are some of my favorite photos from the engagement party extravaganza!

Photos from Friday night:

backyard volleyball photo

a friendly game of volleyball

atlanta backyards

Hanging out in Bob's Grandmother's backyard

beer koozies that Aunt Karen got for us!

Bob's grandmother


Bob's parents and my dad. plus the doggie.

And now: Saturday’s Engagement Party at Bob’s Aunt Micki and Uncle Jim’s House on Lake Red Wine

our Mexican/Bee inspired cake

Christian engagement party

Group photo

my beautiful mom

Captain Jim taking us for a ride around Lake Red Wine

My sister in law, my brother, Bob's sister and her boyfriend

Best Friends from college

christian family engagement party

our dads

Christienne and Justin, college roommates freshman year (starting dating the same time as bob and I and got married a couple of years ago!)

Jen and Tim

skyping with family members who couldn't be with us

me and bob.

Thanks again to friends and families for visiting with us this weekend. You made us feel so special and loved and I can’t wait to kick off the big party in April!