Create Travel Videos

Sites for Posting Travel Videos

where to put videosI’m going to tell you where to put your new travel videos, what sites provide the best experience for your audience, and where to upload your travel stories to grow as a filmmaker.  Depending on the goal of your videos, each of the main travel film outlets is useful in a different way.  We are going to look at the benefits and limitations of Vimeo, YouTube, and TripFilms.

YouTube banner imageYouTube

Being the largest video resource on the internet, this is a site best used if you intend to build a presence.

 The Benefits :

  • The most likely site for a video to go viral
  • Free- meaning you can upload as many HD videos as you’d like
  • Multi-Use : you can live-stream, mobile upload, etc.
  • Personal Design & Ability to Categorize and Curate your videos
  • Detailed Analytics
  • A high rate of organic search possibility
 The Drawbacks :

  • Massive : Can be difficult to stand out
  • Complicated Promotion
  • Regular schedule is necessary 



Home to a generally higher caliber of filmmaker and the community values quality content.

  The Benefits:

  • High Quality of Video
  • Videos can be updated or replaced by user – Great Tool!
  • Easy to promote through groups and channels
  • Great for Portfolio
  • Higher quality embed
  • Clean ending of player

The Drawbacks:

  • Lower overall audience than youtube
  • Limited uploads unless you have a subscription
  • More work but simple direct pay-off
  • Limited analytics



One of the few user video sites that focuses entirely on travel filmmaking.  The main benefit to uploading here is it can lead to actual jobs.

 The Benefits :

  • The company is active in the community
  • They create a cool map of the places you have filmed on your profile page
  • The entire site is curated, so you can earn ‘Editor’s Pick’ badges.
The Drawbacks :
  • Low view count
  • Limited online community engagement
  • Low search count

The biggest benefit of uploading and being active on TripFilms is the possibility of being hired as a videographer based on your uploaded work.  Though low-paying, it is a way to get started as a more professional videographer.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the type of user that would be best suited for each of these sites:

YouTube : Someone who wants to put up regular content often, or creates viral style videos.

Vimeo : Someone who plans on embedding the videos on their website or portfolio, and is wanting a more professional look and feel.

TripFilms : Someone wanting to become engaged in the travel community and possibly find the first gig as a travel videographer.