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Travel your own City: Week 8

When ever a friend comes to visit Los Angeles, I try to make their visit a mix of Hollywood standards and unique things that they might not read about in a tourist book. I know that when I visit new places I want to come home with pictures and stories from places that not everyone else might have. Maybe it’s just a little known bar or a market that has incredible prices on local goods- whatever it may be, it’s a travel secret that I feel excited to know.

This week’s Travel your own City challenge: Share a secret about your city!

I’m not exactly sure how we stumbled across the Garden of Oz in the Hollywood Hills, but it’s definitely a secret spot with a lot of mysteries.  One legend has it that the garden was once open to all the kids in the neighborhood to enjoy freely- but after a lot of people started coming, the owner closed it to the public. The owner then sent special keys to all the neighbors so they could access the secret garden. Another story is that the garden was owned by a PR woman to the Pope and he selected kids to give the keys to.  And a third story is that the Dali Llama sent 15 monks to the garden to bless it!

Located not far from a great Hollywood Sign photo spot, the garden is a tiled yellow brick road mosaic, with thousands of plants and flowers filling the area. The gate is closed but you can get a pretty good look from the road. After investigating more about this area online, I found out that people would were given keys years ago still have them and go inside the garden. I’m not sure the process of getting a key- but I’d love to get on and see the garden from inside!

Directions to Garden of Oz: In Hollywood, head up Ledgewood- The garden will be on the right hand side of the road and unless you look really closely, you might miss it! Look for glitter!  You’ll also see a mailbox with “Letters to Oz” on the outside.

So, now it’s your turn- Tell me a secret about your city!

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