Traveler's Night In

Traveler’s Night In: Live in the Moment Now Edition

This week’s topic on Traveler’s Night In, a “tweet-up” for travelers, was Live in the Moment NOW.  Ten questions were asked, tagged #TNI, and afterwards I was ready to grab my camera and capture my next big trip.  There were several trends that kept coming up today, #TNIer’s definitely love to live in the now, but also love to share a good travel memory!

Here are the questions:

Q1. Where are you #Now? Where do you wish you were?

  • @kymri I’m in Cardiff by the Sea, CA, and to be quite honest, there’s no place I’d rather be than right here right now :)
  • @hugointhecity Freezing my behind off in New York. I have a chihauau girlfriend though.
  • @egyptholidays In #Egypt #NOW getting ready to sleep after and wish I was in stargazing in the desert around the campfire
  • @WhyGoIceland I’m pretty much always wishing I was back in the cabin in Husavik, Iceland, watching sun set over the fjords. 
  • @christineestima in toronto canada and wishing i was in london, england

Q2. Scariest moment in your travels?

  • @grantkmartin Forgetting my passport in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. At the airport with no money left.
  • @bonviaus Toss up btwn arguing with would-be thieves in Valencia, border people in Bulgaria, or military stop in Mexico.
  • @travelgirlmag Crocodile hunting in Belize!
  • @evaholland12 and dehydrated in India, convinced myself I was dying. (I wasn’t, duh.)
  • @thecloud_people A2 machete attack in honduras

Q3. Best/worst smelly moment while traveling?

  • @backpackingmatt I miss the smell of peat in small Irish villages & pubs
  • @Globetrooper Worst smellies: Getting back home – my mum has the deadilest flatulence
  • @culverlake: Best? Prob the smell of Glühwein just before it hits your lips
  • @RoamingBoomers BEST /smell of my wife’s neck in St. Lucia on our 25th wedding anniversary.

Q4. Most awe-inspiring travel moment?

  • @Aireslibre Skiing on top of the world in Schmittenhohe Austria with a rainbow around the sun
  • @alissagraham: Every travel moment? Can I say that?
  • @BeehiveBlog San Marco square in Venice at sunset is one I will never ever forget
  • @mayainoz Most awe-inspiring travel moment? Final Ascent to peak above Machu Pichu
  • @WeekendInParis Sunset Maui on secluded beach – so peaceful as it’s fantastic hues of red decended over the horizon w/not a sole around.
  • @italylogue No pictures allowed, but I cried when I shuffled past the “important papers” in the Library of Congress in DC. I love history

Q5. Tell us your most decadent travel moment?

  • @NG_LasVegas Gourmet chocolate deserts via room service in a high-rise hotel in downtown LA after seeing Phantom of the Opera.
  • @culverlake:  Ha. I live every day in opulence and decadence. I’m like a modern Caligula without the violence and sex.
  • @bootsnall:  On honeymoon in Italy – private dinner at the top of a hill in a vineyard overlooking Florence. Unforgettable.
  • @BreatheDreamGo First class on Singapore Airlines from LA to Tokyo … Johnnie Walker Blue Label free pour
  • @charynpfeuffer:  $1000 30-course birthday dinner at El Bulli in Spain.

Q6. Does being ‘connected’ inhibit you staying in the #Now?

  • @camorose I love not having 3G while traveling–it enables me to focus on the #now and worry about staying connected only when I want to
  • @Diane_Letulle I love being connected, but I’m afraid I am not fully in the moment if I am tweeting about the experience too much
  • @BtrVacationRent Skype keeps connections. Connectivity=more travel. BUT cell phone, laptop, TV, iPod all hurt the #NOW when in presence of others.
  • @jenniferparker3 I am more connected now than ever. However, it’s a balance, right? Don’t let your online get you offline with reality.
  • @roniweiss If I didn’t keep in contact with people via FB, etc., I wouldn’t have friends to go to whenever I was there
  • @TravelBugTara Between tweeting, blogging, and general social media-ing, sometimes there’s little time to actually see what ur looking at !

A7. Best kiss Location?

  • @joanna_haugen Anywhere I travel with my hubby.
  • @travelbea Smooching my honeybunch atop the Eiffel Tower!
  • @melanierenzulli in the shadow of a sugar mill in St. Croix with the diving instructor (doh..did I just say that?
  • @kidsncastles Sitting under a small waterfall in Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada while canoe camping.
  • @whereisyvette: Canadian guy I met in Galway, met again in Edinburgh. Kiss goodby w promise 2meet in Toronto
  • @Sascha_Zuger Underwater kiss-2hrs off coast of Yasawas, Fiji after seeing OceanicWhiteTip
  • @Vagabond3Live:  That kangaroo in S. Australia had his eye on me- more tongued me than kissed & had longest tongue!

Q8. Travel moment you most want to re-live?

  • @travelFLA Want to relive motorcycle ride with girlfriend (now wife) for coastal ride from Nice to Monaco.
  • @lisajanPA:  want to recapture my trip thru Spain-food/wine/company was amazing I’m always going back in my mind
  • @KatyHarrison20: I want to relive my trip to Fiji and Sydney
  • @happy06295 Swimming with a school of dolphins off Hawaii
  • @evitravels Spending10 days in Athens & Santorini with my bro on $200 total, surviving off babaganoush & store bought wine
  • @ecuadorguide Alternative: All those moments that I made a misjudged – misguided decision to correct them 2nd time around!

Q9. Tips for capturing perfect travel moments?

  • @BBADWoman Can’t beat 30sec to 1 min Flip cam vids! I have tons of moments from travels that I can see in action.
  • @FlyingPhotog:  The most perfect travel moments are usually the ones you don’t plan for
  • @SEASunDodger: Just be present. Let go of what holds you back at home.
  • @blogtrek Unlimited memory cards and a good notebook.
  • @tifany74 Put down the technology and intentionally use your five senses. Pay attention to each sound, sight… Every detail
  • @kelleyferro This one is tough. You want to capture it to preserve it but you don’t want to sacrifice the exp.

Q10 Most spontaneous travel moment ever?

  • @chnantucket Booking a trip Thanksgiving day for a Christmas vacation to Europe
  • @OrlandoChris Went to airport to “watch planes take off” with GF, decided to go to Vegas instead
  • @BethLovesTravel Flipping a coin to decide where and how to travel through the Greek Islands
  • @Bleaning Jumping in one of the canals in #Amsterdam just to say I did
  • @aseper Coming upon a castle in the middle of nowhere Ireland, going to the top, and proposing. (I did have the ring though)

Congratulations @lynnerosie !! You won the 3 night stay courtesy of @nowresorts!

Miss #TNI this week?  Join in with your answers to the questions in the comments below and make sure to join us next Thursday from 3:30 pm EST- 5:00 pm EST for all the fun!

Thanks to the ZipSetGo girls for organizing a conversation with travelers from all over the world!