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48 Hours on Kangaroo Island: Seal Bay

Seal Bay:


Everyone’s opinion is different, but if you ask me, Seal Bay was the coolest part of Kangaroo Island.  Definitely take the guided walk, which will run you about $28 AUD, but totally worth it. (There is also a board walk viewing platform that only cost $12 AUD, but you don’t get up close and personal with the seals and, let’s face it, you’re on Kangaroo Island.)

On the guided walk, we were within feet of tons of seals lounging on the beach, surfing in the water, and playing back and forth with each other; we even heard a seal pup calling out for its mother.  I mean, really? Sea World has nothing on this place, and I LOVE Sea World.  The Seal Bay guides are really knowledgeable and eager to answer any question you might have. Plus, since they are with the animals every day, they know their behaviors and what specific seals have done or when they’ve just returned from fishing. Pretty awesome!