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Animals we met on our RTW trip

Sandy, the teenage female kangaroo who has been "house broken" since she was a wee little thing. She had been left by her mother. Kangaroo Island, Australia

Everyone talks about the different locals they met while traveling around to various cities. They each share a different side and customs that I might never have experienced if it weren’t for their first hand perspective. And, as much as I value those interactions, I equally value the time I get to spend with different animals of specific cities. They, too, tell a story and share experiences that one might not first think about when regarding a town or place. Since we are huge animal lovers, I’m always drawn towards any animal- whether we see them on the side of the road or have a one on one interaction. Here’s a few that we might while on our RTW trip:

Turtles at Oneo Park, Tokyo. Also swimming around in the water where the some of the biggest pond fish I had ever seen!

A traditional guard horse in London, England. More for show than anything else, and they are definitely beautiful creatures.


A Seagull overlooking the boats in the water in Cinque Terre, Italy.

Yes, another kangaroo. This guy is adorable with his overbite and spunky personality! He lived at the animal park on Kangaroo Island because he had been hit by a car one night.


Quirkiest little bird I have ever seen. Wandering around the Sydney's Harbor area and singing the most delightful little song.

A couple of sheep running outside of Vik, Iceland. We hadn't seen another person all day and this family was the first sign of life as we were driving!

Yeah- cows were on all sides of our rental car as we were driving the Great Ocean Road in Australia. They stayed for about ten minutes before we started honking our horn hoping they'd move. They did- although they didn't have any where to go!

Oh, Nessie the Croc! While we were near Daintree National Park outside of Cairns, Australia, we visited a zoo that kept Nessie. I was felt very satisfied being up above her! She looked hungry!

We were only in Brisbane for 12 hours- just so I could hold a koala for about 3 minutes! BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! I would totally do it again. As she was placed into my arms, she held onto my shirt and shoulders really tight and sighed as she hugged me.

While at Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island, this little guy slid down the dunes to check us out. I'm assuming he was welcoming us to the beach!

Have you had any animal encounters while on your trips? Do you think they offer a different perspective to that city?


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