Travel Photo Tuesday

Iconic Photos: To take or not to take?

There are many schools of thought on taking that traditional iconic photo. When I was at TBEX this summer, I went to the Photography seminar with Peter West Carey and Kirsten Alana, two photographers (and now  friends) who I admire greatly. They posed several great questions on whether or not to take those traditional, iconic pictures and their workshop was one of those that I’m constantly reminded of every time I bring out my camera or iPhone.

One idea that they both insisted on was finding new ways to take that traditional shot of the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben and make it personal to you. Take close up shots. Take the photo from above or below. Use a photo app on your phone to enhance and highlight certain parts of the photo.

These are several shots we snapped while in Sydney two years ago (I can’t believe it has been that long!) . To me, they are the iconic shots that everyone will take when visiting the city;The Opera House and Bondi Beach. Looking at the photos now and examining them, light plays a huge part in both photos stories. I really like how the sun captures and creates a spirit that I’ll always associate with these two places.

What is your take on whether or not to take that iconic photo? Are you snap happy or more selective, searching out for a more personal photo experience?

(These photo were submitted to Budget Travelers Sandbox, Thursday Travel Photo series. Join in on their site and click over for more!)