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Our 2 Year RTW Travel Anniversary

Today marks our 2 year round the world travel anniversary.

If you had told me two years ago that I would now have a life filled with travel, I might not have believed you- even if I desperately yearned for it. 

To celebrate, Bob and I are going to eat fish tacos at our favorite taco joint, cheers with a glass of california red wine and watch old travel videos to reminisce.

The Trip that started it all! 4320SYD!

We’ve come a long way since that first big trip and have visited many more countries, climbed several more mountains, tried hundreds more tacos, killed three Kodak Sport Underwater cameras- i hate those things!, worked on several big travel video campaigns, started to explore America more and finally found our travel groove. I always knew I loved to travel, but now it is a part of my everyday being. It is a passion that is undeniable and yet attainable.


Great Ocean Road!

After our trip, I wrote about 25 things I learned from my RTW trip. Looking back and reading over the list, I’m still so thankful and happy for that experience. Travel- traveling- the mindset of a traveler, changes you. And for me, I was changed for good.

And, for fun- a quick time travel from our first travel video to our last RTW video all shot and edited on our iPhones. Man, our videos and style have definitely changed, but I love that we have a record of that time and what we felt like during those early days.

Our first RTW video- no talking from us- we tried to keep the experience really about what the viewer would see and just make it a little slice of life video.

By the last video, we had fully incorporated ourselves, our personalities and our feelings into the videos. And- wow- Bob’s beard was out of control by this point!!

 I can’t stress the importance of following your heart and your dreams. If you’re thinking about a career break or a complete change in your life- consider taking a long trip (or even just a week getaway) to reexamine your life and change your priorities. Good things may come to those that wait- but much better things come to those that take charge and embark.

Happy travels!