Souvenirs from Hong Kong

compass from Hong Kong

compass from Hong Kong

As a kid, my dad would go on surf trips around the world and always bring us back some type of small souvenir-always locally made, like a necklace, bracelet, bowl, or toy. While we missed him when he was away, it always made his return so much more special knowing that we were going to get to see/touch/feel a small part of his trip in the gift he brought back.

Now a days, one of my favorite parts of returning home from a trip is bringing small gifts home for our friends and family. Immediately the gift reminds you of a story or two that you can share and include them in on your trip.

This week when Bob returned from his stay in Hong Kong, he opened up his suitcase (just as my dad would do years ago) and brought out several small gifts, each one beautifully packaged. He presented me with one of them and told a short story of finding this and thinking it was just perfect for me. Since I told him to stop by the Jade market, I was expecting some type of Jade jewelry- another bracelet or necklace to go with the Jade stuff I bought the last time we were there. I was so shocked (in the best way ever) to open the gift and find the most beautiful Chinese compass in a wooden carved box. While I wasn’t expecting it at all, it was so perfect and thoughtful.

I grabbed a few winter brews from the fridge and Bob told me stories from the last five days in Hong Kong. At the same time we were starting a new tradition that built on what my family had done in the past, and I loved every minute.

Do you bring little souvenirs home from your travels?