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Stumbling upon unexpected travel moments in San Luis Obispo

photos of San Luis Obispo creek

photos of San Luis Obispo creek

Sometimes having no plans is the best way to visit a new city. It allows you to stroll down the street not worried about taking a wrong turn. In fact, there are no wrong turns. Every street is a new possibility for exploration. You are free to experience the city without preconceived ideas and just let your senses inform you how to feel and if you like it.

This weekend I had a few of these moments, especially when I stumbled upon local artists in San Luis Obispo. There were five or six of them painting different perspectives of the creek in the downtown area. Each one had a different style, and were creating these for an artists’ auction happening later that day. While this event wasn’t national news, it was just the type of experience that I am drawn to and appreciate. Here’s a few photos from my day of exploration:

Artists on the creek, Central California

Central California Artist

San Luis Obispo artist auction

artists community in San Luis Obispo

When was the last time you traveled without a plan?