Travel your own City

Travel your own city: Week 2

There is something magical about visiting a new place, maybe on a different coast, and seeing the sun set. Either behind a mountain or across a body of water, the colors in the sky are a different set of vibrant reds, oranges, pinks, purples and blues than they are when we are home.  And, I don’t know about you, but I have so many sunset photos that I’m pretty sure I could #SunsetSunday for the entire year. So, for this weeks challenge, we are flipping it around. We want to see what your city looks like at sun RISE!

Week 2 Challenge: Capture a picture at Sunrise!

We knew we wanted to view the sunrise from somewhere with a view of the whole city so we could compare to the other shots from last week. I decided on Runyon Canyon, a widely popular hiking spot, and researched the times the park opened. Sunrise to Sunset. Perfect! It was kind of spooky hiking up to the top spot when it was still dark outside, but I was surprised how many other people where doing the same thing. Seriously, we passed or were passed by probably 25 people or so!  I couldn’t believe how many people were up that early and were exercising!!

The first couple of minutes before the sun actually started to show itself were the most beautiful. Burnt oranges and deep purples blended into each other sort of like a watercolor painting.

Then, what seemed like all at once- a really bright light illuminated the city. You can see in the photo above the small ridges in the very background- that’s Downtown L.A.! It was pretty surreal watching the fog and clouds glide across the buildings and the light blue sky make its first appearance.

What does your city’s sunrise look like? Share your pictures in the comments below.

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