Traveler's Night In

Traveler’s Night In: Arts and Culture Edition

Chalk art in Florence photo by @MobileLawyer

This week’s topic on Traveler’s Night In, a “tweet-up” for travelers, was Arts and Culture.  Ten questions were asked, tagged #TNI, and afterwards I was ready to getting out my dancing shoes, paint brushes, and walking shoes to discover the art and culture in my city!

Here are the questions:

Q1. Art/music event that is worth traveling for?

  • @travelgirlmag: Husband travels for Bonnaroo but I’m not a tent, dust, no-shower kind of gal so he goes alone.
  • @katiey424 Oberammergau, Germany. Staged every 10 years, 7 hours long, 2000 residents of village perform. last one was 2010.
  • @TheTrvlPrincess Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • @avventurosa Mozart festival in #Salzburg… Great music and a jumb back in Imperial
  • @abaesel2 Nashville’s Country Music Festival 4 days in June. Issaquah, WA Salmon Days Festival 1st weekend in October

Q2. Favorite museum in the world? Why?

  • @MalloryOnTravel The penis factory in Husavik, Iceland is recommended at least from the outside, never went in! It’s cool!
  • @AllTravelSites I have always been a fan of the “please touch” types of museums while traveling with kids..
  • @rtwdave Musee d’Orsay in Paris – former rail station & focus on Impressionism
  • @1step2theleft Definitely, the #British Museum! Wonderful and… free… Beauty that you can see over and over again!
  • @GoApril: A2 Everyone must go to Louvre once in their life. Its wonderful
  • @ashleynorman07 My friend @McMedia said that the Museum of Sex was Anticlimactic

Homage to Ferris Bueller's Day off photo by @whereisyvette

Q3. Film that gave you artistic inspiration? What destination?

  • @travelerkate Lost in Translation- want to go to the Park Hyatt Tokyo bec of it! But La Dolca Vita made me want to find the Sweet Life in Rome
  • @jasminewanders Vicky Christina Barcelona, Motorcycle Diaries (S America)
  • @banff_squirrel:  Forrest Gump. Just set a direction and keep on going. With a box of chocolates.
  • @bikehiketravel Amélie – love the scenes of Paris in that movie. Montmartre, cafes, markets…
  • @Kat_Raphael Yes! Makes me want to move to France and wear dresses… RT @Lorraine_TLA Q3: Love Amelie!
  • @jasminewanders embarrassed to admit, but Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – Greece ::blush::

Q4. Best body art you’ve seen? Which culture?

  • @ashleynorman07 Māori face tattoos in New Zealand for sure!
  • @AppetiteforLife Best body art/Which culture: A4 Mentawi of Siberut Island off W Sumatra. Linear body tattoos all over medicine men & wives
  • @doubleadventure: On Jersey Shore
  • @DEPagliaro San Quentin or Leavenworth prison tats. They mean so many things to law enforcement!
  • @NETC_Travel Definitely henna in India. And the best thing is that you can change your look since they’re temporary!

Rotorua- Maori Markings photo by @wanderluster

Q5. Musician/Group you most want to see live? Where?

  • @TravelBugTara:  Bob Marley if I could go back in time, preferably in Jamaica.
  • @CGTravels I just read this aloud and someone in my office shouted “YANNI AT THE PARTHENON!”  um, fail.
  • @lindseytravels Also, in a perfect world, The Beatles at The Cavern Club in Liverpool.
  • @aventuresabdm:  Pink Floyd when they were still together. The Wall show. And I dont care where!
  • @MissMagpieFGS:  U2 in Dublin (again)

Q6. 3 artists you’d invite to dinner? Why?

  • @thecitizeny:  3 artists i’d invite to dinner: Frida Kahlo. Van Gogh. DaVinci.
  • @ZipSetRachel:  All my former (imaginary) boyfriends: Michelangelo, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cat Stevens.
  • @Fun_N_Travel Paul McCartney, Bono and Sting. #boylicious!
  • @StayAdventurous: . Hemingway for drinks, Michelin Chef frm Spain for food & someone like Casanova to discuss the art of the heart
  • @mobilelawyer Check that. I’d like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and a video camera.

No dog? No guitar? No problem photo by @abaesel

Q7. Favorite show/play you’ve seen in your travels? Where?

  • @kymri Shanghai Acrobats, hands down (and feet up!)
  • @camorose: @Cirque de Soleil in Las Vegas! Probably the only reason I would go back to Vegas would be to see another one!
  • @MidlifeRoadTrip: We got to dance with the cast of Lion King in Chicago
  • @savvytravelblog Les Mis. London. What else can you say?
  • @hjortur: A monologue from the Icelandic Viking sagas in a deserted fjord where it happened in the
  • @StevenMTroy1: Traditional Cambodian Dance show in villiage outside Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Q8. Arts district you’d love to visit?

  • @travelpology: A8. I’ve never been to the French Quarter in NOLA
  • @Lorraine_TLA I keep hearing Asheville, North Carolina is an artsy place. I’d like to check it out.
  • @GAT_ChinaTours Tian Zi Fang Art District in Shanghai. It’s a crazy maze of art stores and has the most interesting architecture.
  • @traveldesigned: @StayAdventurous has blogged about a Puerto Vallarta Art Walk I wild love to do!! Did on in Cabo was FAB!!
  • @asmallplace The Alberta Arts District in #Portland, Oregon. The last Thursday of each month all the artists come to the streets.

Street "dog" in London photo by @EpsteinTravels

Q9. Most unusual street art or performance you’ve seen?

  • @Shipsandtrips:  Asian-American student in kilt playing bagpipes on Dublin street corner said “thanks , dude” when I dropped money in basket
  • @travelgirlmag Marching bands underneath our window in French Quarter, NOLA. At 2:00 a.m. And 4:30 a.m.
  • @BridalTravelGuy fire eater on beach in Acapulco.
  • @Roopunzel my friend being proposed to at Edinburgh festival during a street balloon swordfight
  • @KWanderlust3 Fire dancers in Maui
  • @EpsteinTravels:  This guy/dog was the funniest busker I’ve seen…London in ’09

Q10. If you could have any artistic talent, what would it be? Why?

  • @hugointhecity i wanna sing.
  • @travelingsavage I wish I could play the Scottish fiddle because I’m in love with the sound
  • @friedman_rachel Dance, dance, dance.
  • @McMedia You are an Action Figure after all –>RT @RickGriffin: A10. Are superhero powers considered artistic abilities?
  • @happy06295 My partner would of course be extremely handsome and my Tango skills would be amazing hahaha

Bob as a statue at the Lourve photo by @vagabond3live

Miss #TNI this week?  Join in with your answers to the questions in the comments below and make sure to join us next Thursday from 3:30 pm EST- 5:00 pm EST for all the fun!

Thanks to the ZipSetGo girls for organizing a conversation with travelers from all over the world!

photos by @mobilelawyer @epsteintravels @wanderluster @whereisyvette @vagabond3live

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