St. George InstaMeet

In May, Travel Mindset hosted an Instagram meet-up in one of my favorite places in the West- St. George Utah. Bob shoot tons of video footage for a promotional video and I realized I had yet to blog about the experience.

Imagine meeting up with 36 of your new best friends- they all like the same stuff you do, they come from around the United States and they get giddy talking about travel and photography. Over one weekend, we met up several times in different areas of St. George and Zion National Park to learn from each other, to get to know each other more and to just have fun.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the trip:

Kristin venturing off to find the perfect photo spot.

Bob, taking the job so serious- it was also take your kid to work day 🙂 so KidAugustine got in on the action!

Zion National Park from above. Love this National Park so, so much.


The bonfire the first night. While we may have gotten lost on the hike- the bonfire and watching the stars light up the sky was totally worth it!

Drone view of our last day before we all went in our own paths to capture unique photos.

Kid Augustine having the time of her life as the youngest member of the Instameet. 🙂

So many new friends. If you’re looking for more people to follow on Instagram, here’s a list of who attended!

  • @ATWJustin
  • @Lunaticatlarge
  • @LaurenSWells
  • @LauraLawsonViscontii
  • @SpencerSpellman
  • @Habit9Travels
  • @JChongStudio
  • @Globetrotting_Gingertravel
  • @barce
  • @lmonitz
  • @civilmatador

The entire weekend was so much fun that we decided to do it again! Stay tuned for the winter dates- where we’re going to hike the Narrows!