Winter Trip to Zion National Park

There really is no bad time to visit Zion National Park. Sure, there are different hikes that bloom during the spring and the waterfalls might peak, but fall and winter offer their own sweet surprises for visitors. Namely, less people. WAY less people. More nature and less people is always a big plus for me.

Here are the adventures we planned on our winter trip:

  • Hiking the Narrows (you’ll get those isolated photos of just you in wilderness and it’s epic
  • Hike Angel’s Landing or Observation Point (with the cooler temps, these hikes are now really pleasant instead of feeling like you’re going to die)
  • Arrive early to see the deer and the Big Horn sheep on the snowy mountains

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Additionally, we planned a few extra days in the state parks in St. George.

  • ATW in Sand Hollow State Park
  • Horseback ride in Snow Canyon State Park

We are heading back in February and would for you to come with us! We’ll share the event details asap!